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Quickly find the nearest free truck parking space!

Based on your actual route and the road network Truck Parking Europe displays all relevant and free HGV parking spaces. The list is constantly updated during the journey and shows details on the distance and the additional detour. In addition you may enter your remaining driving time to see which parking spaces are still accessible to comply with your legal driving and rest time.

Extra benefit:

The parking app takes into account not only official parking data but also appropriate and good lorry parking places off the highways.

See which HGV parking spaces are still available!

In addition to the parking space the occupancy status is displayed in green yellow or red. Here you will benefit from reports provided by other drivers. At the same time you can also help your colleagues by reporting the occupancy status of lorry parking spaces on your route.

Extra benefit:

The coordinate or address of a selected parking space can be transferred to the navigation systems installed on your smartphone.

Benefit from extensive evaluation information for HGV parking!

Which parking spaces should drivers avoid and which ones are preferable? Which parking spaces are lit have surveillance or are next to service stations or shops?

Extra benefit:

Thanks to the extensive functionality which allows all users to assess parking spaces you not only find free lorry parking areas but also parking spaces that match your requirements.

Join the community – register now and assess suitable HGV parking spaces!

Have you discovered a new parking space which is suitable for lorries but not yet registered? Or have you particularly enjoyed using a specific HGV parking space? Share your experiences with other drivers and benefit from other USA professional drivers' experiences.

Extra benefit:

The most active users can enjoy regular prices and campaigns.


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